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3 Power Moves that are going to instantly stop him from pulling away and get him running back to you.

Dear My Lovely Ladies,

If you’re going through a breakup and you want your ex back, this could be one of the most important blog you ever read.

Today I’m going to give you 3 Power Moves that are going to instantly stop him from pulling away and get him running back to you. These work like magic, but before I share them, we have to talk about the elephant in the room…

…And that’s your behavior.

In the throes of your breakup, in your darkest moments, you are acting in ways that are accidentally pushing him further away, and I want to help you overcome this.

Here’s the problem, and before we dig in, I want you to know two things:
  1. You are not alone in the behaviors we’re about to talk about – EVERY woman goes through these after a breakup.
  2. These behaviors are in no way your fault. They are critical human reactions to highly emotional situations and it just so happens that they will push your ex further and further away from you.
So with that said, let’s talk about this big problem…

You see, during and after a breakup, your natural tendency is to go into what I call “Reflex Response Mode,” where you are rapidly cycling through a range of emotions. You go from shock and disbelief... 
... to anger, denial, rebellion, bargaining, sadness, acceptance…

… to relapse where you beg and cry “I can’t do this”...
... to the dark phase where you can’t stand to hear a love song on the radio or watch a romantic movie and you wear dark nail polish…

… to cynicism, where you swear off men entirely...
... to depression.

In Reflex Response Mode, every emotion is a trigger for an impulsive or even reckless action.

Actions such as these:
  • You call him nonstop and plead with him to get back together trying desperately to convince him that he's making a huge mistake. 
  • You text him at every opportunity because you want the validation that he will still text you back.
  • When you know he's going out, you call and text him relentlessly because you want to make sure he’s on his best behavior.
  • You beg for him to come back and try to convince him how right you are for each other.
  • In a desperate attempt to make him jealous, you post pictures of random guys on your Instagram or Facebook, which only ends up turning him off.
  • You try to distract yourself from the pain by drinking, smoking, partying, overeating, or having sex with other men – all things that end up hurting you more and causing an even bigger rift between you and your ex.
  • At the same time, in your depression, you stop doing the things that make your life better, like working out, eating right, spending time with friends, and meeting new people.
When you’re in Reflex Response Mode, you are so overtaken by emotion that you lose your reasoning power. And when you lose your reasoning power, you resort to emotional manipulation – crying, getting angry, begging, and pleading – all things that ignite a reaction in him to shut down and pull away from you.

So what can you do to stop this?

You need to switch from Reflex Response Mode into what I call High Value Response Mode.

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In High Value Response mode, you still go through the same emotions like shock, anger, disbelief, and sadness, but you are in your strongest frame so you respond from the most rational, empowered place.

Whether he admits it or not, your ex is full of doubts, so when he sees you being strong and amazing, it will make him reconsider ever wanting to break up with you.

I have Powerful moves that are specifically designed to get yourself into High Value Response Mode so you can stop him from pulling away and start getting him running back to you, and I’m going to share 3 of them with you today…

Power Move #1: Live An Amazing Life

A woman in High Value Response Mode lives a life that her man will desperately want to be a part of… and that makes her ridiculously happy, too. I’m talking about getting back to the types of things that make you the amazing, unique woman you are. Those things that made him so attracted to you in the first place.

I always say, “You don’t go to a relationship to get a life, you go to a relationship to share one.”

Think about the things you want from a man: Someone who is constantly expanding his horizons, growing, and exposing you to interesting new things. Well, he wants those same things from you too.

When you start living an amazing life, three things will quickly happen:
  1. You’ll feel happiness and joy return to your life, which will help you avoid those dangerous Reflex Responses we talked about before...
  2. He will notice that you are getting stronger, which will make him more attracted to you...
  3. He’ll want to become a part of this awesome new life you have...
Now this doesn’t mean you have to pretend like everything is great and not grieve the breakup. It doesn’t even matter if he sees that you’re grieving. When he notices you growing and changing, making the best out of the breakup, he will become insanely attracted to your strength.

And when you two do get back together, having your own amazing life will give you so much to bring to the relationship, which will ensure you two stay together forever.

Power Move #2: Kill Him With Kindness… and LOVE

In everything she says and does, a woman in High Value Response Mode acts out of love.

When you choose love over anger, jealousy, or manipulation during this difficult time, you regain your position in his mind as the perfect woman.

The interesting thing is, the more he is up to behind the scenes, like going out with his friends or seeing other women, the deeper your love will hit him. He'll end up thinking you are the most incredible human being in the world and that he can't lose you. 

And there is an important distinction here…

You are not investing love, you are giving it freely in the moments you speak with him. Investing love implies wanting something back, so the moment you don't get the reaction you want you will get angry or upset.

Giving love freely has nothing to do with what you get back. You are simply acknowledging that you love and care about him and though he has hurt you, your love for him rises above anything else.

Again, this doesn't mean you keep contacting him with loving messages, it just means that when you are in touch and you choose to respond, every message you send either by phone call, by text, or in person should be from a place of love and kindness.

Love and kindness are two of your most powerful assets because they are the two that he’s least likely to find in his single life. It's a way of playing to the strengths of your position.

One thing I just want to be clear on: Don’t confuse love and kindness with becoming his personal assistant. You are not to look after him when he’s sick and make him homemade chicken soup or pick up his dry cleaning for him. You need to maintain your standard – don’t do things for him you would have done in the relationship. Let him miss these things because he doesn’t have you anymore.

By the way, you may think that if you’re not at his beck and call, he’ll start seeing other people. Not to worry. From a male psychology perspective, any comparison he will make when dating other women in the early stages is likely to work in your favor. These new women can't compete with the deeper connection he has with you, and any time he spends with them he’ll be feeling "it's not the same."

But, you may ask, “What if he left me for someone else and isn't single anymore? Isn’t he getting his needs met in his new relationship?”

If this is the case, doing all of the things I'm telling you will still have the same effect. Do you think the person he is with now is showing him this kind of love and kindness? Or is the drama she’s giving him compared with the soothing and beautiful connection he has with you making him realize even more intensely that what he had with you was so special? 

By the way, you may be nervous that you can't compete with all the women he could be meeting now that he's single. What if they are better looking, thinner, younger?

Always remember that you still hold the keys to the greatest assets that he can't get elsewhere: love, kindness, and a connection with you, the one person who knows him and can understand who he truly is.

Worried you’re getting this wrong?

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Power Move #3: Follow a Plan, Not Your Emotions

This is the most important one of all.

Reflex Response Mode is all about letting your emotions lead wherever they may take you, which is almost always to a bad place.

On the other hand, High Value Response Mode is all about having a plan to get you exactly where you want to end up: Back together with the man you love.

You’ll still feel all the emotions that we all go through during a breakup. You just won’t let those emotions destroy your chances of getting him back.

When you have a clear plan to follow, nothing can take you off that path. You always have a compass to guide you, so you don’t even have to think about what to do next. You just follow your plan right back into his arms.

I’m going to hand you A spell today. It’s called “Get Him Running Back to You,” and it outlines the exact techniques,magic that will flip a switch deep inside him and trigger the unstoppable desire that will have him begging to be back with you forever.

So get off the emotional roller coaster of Reflex Response Mode and get on the High Value path to a relationship that is happier, more passionate, more committed and more secure than ever before.

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Take a deep breath… now let out a giant sigh of relief.
Together, we’re going to get your ex back – fast completely.

The techniques I’m about to share with you have worked for countless women already and they’ll work for you, too.

No matter how overwhelmed you are by your breakup, no matter how complicated your situation seems, if you follow my simple steps he will come running back to you forever.

The key to getting your ex back completely is to minimize his fears in staying, while amplifying his fears in leaving.
When you do this, you are creating a relationship utopia which makes him wonder why he ever thought of breaking up with you in the first place.

There are 4 ways you can do this…

Secret Trick#1:

Don't Give Him Anything To Rebel Against

Your ex has got all of these logical reasons in his head why it's not going to work if he stays.
He won't be able to travel, he can't go out with his friends, he's lost the spontaneity in his life, and he can't stay in at night and work on projects that are important to him without distraction.
In the initial part of the breakup you need to show that you are not going to fight him on doing the things he wants to do. There is a very high chance he will find these things anti-climactic in any case and will realize he has overstated the benefits of them in his own mind.
For example, let’s say he used to complain about never getting to go out with his guy friends while you were together.
Chances are he’ll go out with his friends once, stay out way too late and drink too much, and wake up the next day feeling miserable, thinking, "I don't want to do that again for a long time.”

Say to him: "Take some time to figure out what you want. I want you to have the space to do what you need.” Then start to back away.
When you willingly give him the space he’s asked for he not only begins to miss you, but he forgets his fears about the relationship and amplifies the his good feelings about you. This gives him time to sell himself on the relationship without being sold.

Which leads us to…

Secret Trick#2:

Keep Him Off Balance

When you don't react the way he would predict to certain things he is doing, it will immediately throw him off.
Not only that, but by allowing him to do some of the things that he didn't get the chance to do in the relationship, you are removing some of his logical reasons for breaking up in the first place.

See, his whole case was built on him finding all of these logical reasons why he had to leave, and now you are subtly destabilizing his case.
One of the reasons he thought he couldn't be with you is now gone. This can either be reactive (in the sense that you stop reacting to things he is doing, like going out with the guys)…
…or proactive in the sense that you are doing something he wanted you to do.

For example, when my friend Yassin was dating his ex-girlfriend, he often talked to her about a book that was a huge influence on him, but his girlfriend was never interested in it. One of his reasons for breaking up with her was that he felt just didn’t have enough in common, and she couldn’t talk to him about some of the things that were most important to him.
Then, a few weeks after they broke up, she sent Yassin a text saying,
“Finally read that book and you’re right – it’s pretty amazing.” That text completely threw him off balance and caused him to question the whole breakup.

It's like yanking out a leg from the table he has built in his mind. His beliefs are no longer sturdy, so he is easily thrown off balance.
None of this is about you expending additional energy. This “emotional judo” allows you to use his existing energy to your advantage instead of fighting it.

Let’s move on to Secret Trick3…

Secret Trick#3:

Understand The 'Lag' Period For A Guy

There’s actually never been a better time to get your ex back, and here’s why: He’s in what I call a “Lag Period,” which makes him susceptible to doubt, regret, and reconsidering his decision to break up with you.
Basically, the “Lag Period” is a time a guy goes through when he hasn’t gotten to the enjoyment of being single…YET. This is a dark period when he’s lonely and regretting being out on the singles scene.
Guess what? Things are most likely not going as he had planned since breaking up. It’s not all amazing, carefree nights out and hot new women throwing themselves at him.

The fantasy of being single doesn’t pan out as he had envisioned, and now he’s lonely.
During the “Lag Period” everyone else will pale in comparison because they can't compete with the deep connection he has with you.

Not to mention he's missing you and everything you brought to his life.
He no longer has your friendship, your nurturing, or you to share his day with.
The bottom line is: He's hurting too. You may be thinking “no, he's fine.
He's out with his friends all the time.”
Trust me, he isn’t fine. He's going through the same pain you are, he's just trying to kid himself, as well as engaging in a Facebook PR campaign to make his life and his emotions look in better shape than they actually are.

In fact, this is a vulnerable time all around. He’s just as fragile as you; he just expresses it in a different way. And during this Lag Period you can use his weakness to your advantage.
Here’s what I want you to take away from this: The person with the strongest frame will have control of the situation. If you are strong and certain of what you want during this “Lag Period,” and show you are living, it immediately starts changing his associations.

You know what you want - to get him back - but his logic isn’t fixed – he’s not sure what he wants. This makes him more fragile and gives you the advantage. If he ends up miserable, he has to live with the fact that he ended it!

Secret Trick#4:

He Needs To Feel Like He's WINNING
You Back (Not Just Giving In To Your Demands)

If you’re familiar with my Attraction Formula you know the importance of Perceived Challenge in a relationship. Simply put, Perceived Challenge means this: the more challenging he believes it is to attract you, the higher your value is in his eyes.

Naturally, you not being his now increases your Perceived Challenge. But not if you are trying to convince him to take you back.
He needs to feel that even though you love and care about him, him breaking up with you lost him credits, and he has to build up his credit again to win you back. Now he feels a sense of earning his place again.

Think of the thrill the hunter gets as he spots the prize deer off in the woods and hits his target from afar. Would the hunter get the same satisfaction if the deer ran up to him and said, “Go ahead, shoot me?” He wouldn’t even bother.

Right now your ex needs to BUY the relationship - you can't sell it to him.
There are two different kinds of brokenhearted women:

The ones who TRY to get their ex back, and the ones who actually DO.

The key to being the woman who gets her ex back is understanding his psychology.
I’ve A spell “Get Him Running Back to You” that tells you how to do just that…
In it, I reveal the one male emotion that is so powerful, so all consuming, that it can make a man come running back to you, no matter how convinced you are that your relationship is over.

Think you know what it is?
You’re going to be surprised…

I’m going to tell you how to trigger this emotion in him to make him realize that he needs to be with you more than he needs to breathe…

…And hand you the Bring back my love spell that will not only mend your broken relationship, but will make it happier, more passionate, more committed, and more secure than ever before.

He won’t even know what hit him.
Sneaky? Maybe…
Successful? You bet…