Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Text Him This and He'll Make the Next Move

Text Him This and He'll Make the Next Move

Last night was magical…

You spotted a handsome man across the crowded bar, and your eyes met. He stared back with piercing green eyes and flashed you a mega-watt smile, and you felt your cheeks get hot as you blushed with excitement.

Before you knew it, he had made his way through the crowd and was standing so close your bodies were touching and you could smell the intoxicating scent of his beachy cologne. 

You introduced yourselves, made some flirty small talk, and exchanged numbers with the promise that you would get together soon. 

You woke up on Cloud 9 UNTIL you realized you now face a major dilemma…

Who texts first?

Most women presume that it’s the man’s job. But the messy truth of this is not so clear-cut. 

The most straightforward answer I can give on this is: “It depends.”

Not every area of attraction has a hard-and-fast rule.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to text first, it depends on a couple of things:

1. Who has done all the investing so far?

2. Who asked for the number?

What if He Asked for Your Number?

If, for example, this guy spent the whole night with you and your friends, asked for your number, and generally showed a ton of interest when you saw him… then there’s no problem being the first to shoot over a message.

You could say to him after you leave the party:

“Hope the rest of your night was good without me… kind of ;)” 

This message is really cute but it’s also short and doesn’t invite further conversation. If he texts back – awesome. If not – no biggie. Just hang back and see if he gets back to you. You’ve dropped the initial bait and it’s up to him to take it.

Text Him THIS and He'll Make the Next Move

What if You Got His Number?

If you were the one who asked to exchange numbers, let him make the next move.

You’ve given enough interest by showing you want to talk to him again, so now it’s up to him to take things further.

We have to understand that there is always a flow to attraction. It’s not as simple as saying, “Men are supposed to do the chasing” or other clich├ęs like that. The truth is, both of you take it in turns to move a little closer each time. It’s as though you are always closing down space and then re-creating it.

For example, you close down space by asking him to join you guys at a party, and then leave space for him to make the move to come.

Or you could close down space by touching his hand, giving him space to make the move to kiss you. You are in a dance of attraction in which you both chase a little at different times.

Ways to Text Him After Exchanging Numbers

What do you say if you’re going to fire out the first text?

My advice? Keep it light-hearted, specific, and short.

A great way to do this is to reference a shared joke you both had when you first met. Imagine you guys met on a dance floor and were doing a silly dance to a rap song. The next day you text him saying:

“I miss our dance”

Now you’ve given him a memory to smile about when he opens his messages, and it doesn’t do too much. It’s just a short text to let him know you thought of him in your day. Nothing more.

This is so much more powerful than some generic text that says:

“So how was the rest of your night?”

This shows none of your personality and doesn’t inject any fun into the conversation.

Begin playfully, and you have already set the flirty tone for the interaction.

You can do this with anything. Imagine you both met at a friend’s wedding and there was a strange waiter called Derek who had a funny voice that made you both giggle. You can text him the next day saying:

“I already miss Derek”

Again, it shows you’re indirectly thinking about him and makes you both part of an inside joke.

Or perhaps during your first conversation he told you how much he loved the film Interstellar, and you told him, “Ugh, I couldn’t stand that movie. It was so dumb and pretentious.”

You could then text him the next day and refer back to this:

“My friend just came to me raving about Interstellar. I hate you both :)”

Or if he told you he can’t wait to see the new Jurassic Park, you could text him a few days later to say:

“I have something to tell you. I saw the new Jurassic Park last night. My friend really wanted to go. Please forgive me!”

(If you are an emoji fan, this would be a good text to use the little monkey with its hands over its eyes.)

Short, sharp, and sweet. Then leave him room to come and close the gap.

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Lets Face it || The Facts

It’s a Tuesday from Christmass and you’re sitting at home alone in your PJs, polishing off a bottle of pinot grigio. You miss your ex so badly your chest aches and your stomach is in knots.

You try your best to get your mind off of him, but before you know it, you’re on Instagram maybe Facebook, scrolling through his new pictures and wondering who that mysterious blonde is that he’s got his arm around…

You know you shouldn’t contact him, but in a moment of weakness you grab your phone and text him, “I miss you… Do you miss me?”... SEND. Too late to turn back now…

An hour passes without a reply and you feel foolish and even more alone. Why do you keep reaching out to him when it only makes it harder on you?

No matter how much you try to hold it together, you’re irrational, temperamental, and impulsive. You’re like a heroin addict craving your next fix.

Actually, although that sounds dramatic, it’s not so far from the truth…

Recent research suggests that there may be a psychological basis to your “cravings” for an ex.

Get ready to have your mind blown…

Dr. Lucy Brown, a professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, used MRI imaging to record the brain activity of adults who had experienced an unwanted breakup and reported still feeling love for their ex.

When they were shown photographs of their former partners, there was significant activity in the same areas of the brain as in drug addiction.

In other words, the craving you experience for your ex is similar to the way an addict craves a drug they are withdrawing from, which can lead to intense distress and physical as well as psychological pain. And of course, bad decisions that just push him further away from you.

So what does this all mean for you?

If you rely on your instincts right now, there’s simply no way you can expect to be in the strong, clear-headed, empowered state to win your ex back.

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